Social Transition

One of the most controversial aspects of the scientific debate on gender variance and also one of the most difficult choices for parents of gender variant children concerns the so-called social transition. Choosing to allow the children to make a social transition means opting for a change that concerns the way he / she is perceived  by others, in terms of gender, outside the family environment. Changing the name, choosing to use different pronouns, dressing or, in general, presenting himself/herself to others according to the gender the child feels to belong to – and therefore no longer according to the one assigned at birth – are the more common aspects that define “social transition”. It must be said that this is an absolutely reversible change and that, in the prepuberal phase, it has no medical implication.

Nevertheless, this choice is one of the things that worries  parents  the most because they often keep thinking it might just be a phase and a social transition might harm  their children. Still it is very important to embrace the child for who he/she is no matter what the future will be. Even today it is not possible to establish, even for specialists, which children will continue to persist with identification in the opposite gender and which will identify themselves as cisgender (ie non-trans).

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